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Once a Friend Always a Friend. There are many things that some know about me and things that they don't so if you want to know all you have to do is ask.If you slap my face I will turn the other check but once that happens I am one to forgive "BUT I WILL NEVER FORGET! YOU CAN REACH ME AT freebird200034@yahoo
HighSchool: Cape Hatteras Secondary School
College: Everest College
Music: I like most all music so of the "Oldies" 70's 80's 90's and more. I am open to most music that I can understand the words to LOL
TV: CSI of Course, Lifetime, Unsolved Mysteries, anything to do with real life happenings, but I don't really have much time to watch it.
Sports: Never been a big fan of sports but I started watching Nascar with my dad a few years back and still do once in awhile, myself like to fish, and go camping, spend time swimming in the Summer at the Beach with my folks who live at Cape Hatteras.
Interests: I love to look at the world with open eyes, yet believe in a "Eye for a Eye" that is just the way I was raised, everyone is someone. I enjoy making new friends from all over the world, camping, fishing, going home to Cape Hatteras in the Summer to see the Beach and the Folks, My Real and True friends are on the top of my list and they know "NO MATTER WHERE I AM IF THEY CALL I WILL BE THERE" I will not knock you down I will be the one who will reach out my hand to pick U Up!!!!
Movies: I like Horror, action, comedy,some of them would be "Saving private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, Hills have Eyes 1 and 2, Fried Green Tomatos, Larry the Cable Guy, Stephen King all of his, Pay it forward, 3 kings, American Gangster, 4 Brothers, Hamburger Hill, and that is just to name a few.
BestFeatures: My Eyes and Lips as well as my Personality..
Dreams: Dreams for meny people seem unreachable but they are not. I am one who looks at life as a path that we take not only to see what is at the end of our own but to help others unselfishly with out want or need to gain for ourselves. I know that just reaching out a hand to help, or to say a kind word to a stranger could make all the difference in there life at that time.

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