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    5 ft. 8 in.
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    Bachelors Degree
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    Health And Fitness
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I am thoughtful, considerate, loyal, like to believe I have pretty good morals and I love to talk, however, I am also a very good listener. I also have a great sense of humor. I am told I am very easy to talk to and I have a lot of long term friendships. I have a positive outlook and I like to encourage people. I have even been told I am charming.I should say that I am really not interested in a one night stand - while I am sure many people are looking for that - I am not one of them,. I prefer to have an intimate relationship with one person - both mentally and physically.I never believe I am mean or nasty on purpose and never set out to make someone mad. I like the person I am with to always want to see me and know that I will do my best to please her and make her happy.I always seek mutual respect and consideration.Honestly, women are usually attracted to me because I have a large bust and curves. But if they are really paying attention they will tell me it's my eyes and lips that got their attention once they started talking to me.
Profiles with photos are preferred please.

What I am looking for

I love someone with a great sense of humor. Someone who likes to do stuff - I like to relax but also like to get out and explore. If someone is thoughtful and considerate that's also a bonus. I like someone to have a positive attitude and is affectionate. I do not want someone who plays mind games. I appreciate honesty. Just spit it out...I can take it! Communication is a big plus!